Steel Bigfoot Cutout 6 Feet Tall Metal Sasquatch

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Price: $200.00  – local pick up preferred or contact us for shipping options on this one.

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This metal monster is sure to turn heads!  This nearly life-size bigfoot stands 75 inches high (6 foot 3 inches) and is laser cut from 1/8 inch thick steel.  Leave it unfinished and let the weather turn him into a realistic rust color for extra effect, or paint him as desired to fit your ideal sasquatch vision.  Due to the giant size of this metal art piece local pick up is best, but if you would like to get this guy shipped please contact us to figure out details.  Use coupon code “local” to gain a pick up option.

Additional information

Weight 65 lbs
Dimensions 75 × 48 × 36 in

1 review for Steel Bigfoot Cutout 6 Feet Tall Metal Sasquatch

  1. M & K Garrett

    This family run professional company is extremely talented, creative, detail oriented and willing to make whatever(most likely) you can dream up! I highly recommend and support them. We are having so much fun accessorizing our big foot. Thank you so much.

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