Stackable shelves for mason canning jars

Seven shelves that can be stacked and configured as needed.

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Here is a storage shelving solution that is truly unique!  Each shelf can hold 21 pint jars or 12 quart jars (with room for more half-pints around them).  This seven-shelf unit is made up of individual shelves and separate upright pieces that simply stack together with no fasteners, making it a very easy task to assemble as desired.  If stacked seven-high this product will measure 24 inches wide, 10 inches deep, and about 64-1/2 inches tall, with 10 inches between each shelf.  A one inch lip is formed up to keep items from falling off.  Or assemble them with the shelf lips pointing down for a unique bookshelf.  Also makes great modular storage in the garage, in closets, and in kitchen cupboards.  This product is made from rigid, light-weight aluminum in the USA.

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Weight 18.27 lbs
Dimensions 24 × 18 × 14 in


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